A Sinful and Adulterous Generation

Originally appears on Pravmir…

“In his teachings and life, the Lord shows us what agape is and how it is to be expressed.  It can be felt but it is more than feelings. Three times, Jesus asked Peter if he loved him. Each time, after Peter replied that he did love him, the Lord said “feed my sheep.” If you love me, do something!!! Agape was supremely displayed on the Cross. It was shown in the martyrs, apostles and prophets.  It is unselfish love shown not just by words and feelings but by deeds.

How do we live in this adulterous and sinful generation? We stop being adulterers. We no longer live with divided hearts and loyalties. We must regain an undivided heart. How is this done? Since the Cross was an act of love, the Lord invites to share in this love. It means we must do something: pick up your cross, deny yourself and follow Christ. This command seems burdensome and hopeless to a divided and adulterous heart. To an undivided heart, it is a call to love itself.

May the God of love draw us to the Cross for it is the only cure for an adulterous and sinful heart.”


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